Referral Program

Free Membership!

We’re happy to announce a new way for anybody to get involved with BeZoBets! For the foreseeable future, we’re trialing an option for anybody to get one month of BeZoBets membership entirely FREE. ($50 value)

All it requires is the following:

  1. Signup under a referral link to a qualifying sportsbook (Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting)
  2. $50+ deposit to said sportsbook


That’s it. Some of you may find yourself wondering “What’s the catch?” and really there is none. All this does is help offset the membership cost being given away. By no means is the referral signup as good as a raw membership sale, but it gets people involved who otherwise would not be. And, best of all, it costs you $0!

Whether you’ve been betting for years or have never bet before — this is a fantastic option for anybody to get involved. It allows you to get a months time to BeZoBets with having absolutely no overhead membership cost. And, best of all, there’s no obligation to continue forward! If you want to call it quits and take your money out – you’re entirely free to do so. There’s nothing restraining you from doing so.

One last note — If you’ve never bet before and are looking to get started, we will walk you through everything start to finish. How to make an account, how to utilize the information provided, and what all of the numbers on the sites mean. You’re essentially getting your hand held to presumably make money for you!

If you find yourself interested, feel free to send a DM to @BeZoBets on Twitter. We’ll gladly walk you through everything start to finish!